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National Walking Sprinkler

Our National Walking Sprinkler is a powerful and efficient tractor Sprinkler that is top-of-the-heap for folks who covet to get out and walk their lawn, this Sprinkler is art to design and engineering of the National Walking sprinkler. It is manufactured of cast iron that is highly durable and efficient, it grants a black color that will add to the visual of your lawn. The National Walking Sprinkler is sure to br a smile to you and your guests.

S1260 Worm Gear National Kees Walking Sprinkler A5 XA-L XA B3

Walking Sprinkler

This National Walking Sprinkler model is fully restored! This is a best-in-class opportunity to own and enjoy use again, this water management system is best-in-the-class for any garden or yard and makes life easier when tying in with your home's water usage. This Sprinkler is a first rate addition to your home and sterling for any weather conditions! With a worm kees Walking sprinkler, you can enjoy comfortable water levels and adjustable rainfall rates for an unrivaled experience every time! The Walking Sprinkler system is a practical surrogate to ensure everyone in your community is safe! Every Sprinkler arm gives type of Sprinkler system on the market, you can choose to handle this system for a less than full nudity, like a rain garden, or a more full umbrella system. This National traveling Sprinkler is a vintage cast iron tractor that working 2, it is fabricated in 1956 and imparts its own water bottle holder and water bottle. It is again with the usual Sprinkler system and manual controls.