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Nelson Sprinkler Valve

This Sprinkler Valve is a best-in-class addition to your home business, it is an oscillating Sprinkler that manufactures 3 inches of water per minute. What's more, it provides 3000 square feet of water area per valve, this makes it peerless for a small home or office. The nozzle is additionally a reflex design that makes it facile to use.

Nelson Sprinkler Solenoid

This Nelson Sprinkler solenoid is for an electric water Sprinkler system, it is used to control the water flow in the system to keep your garden clean and healthy. This is a new solenoid Valve for the Nelson Sprinkler system, it is an important part of keeping your lawn and garden sprinkled with water. This Valve is fabricated of precision materials and it will keep your tractor clean and protected, the Nelson Sprinkler Valve is a first rate surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your home with its high-quality construction and innovative design. This Valve is sensational for use in an irrigation system that includes a big gun Sprinkler gun, with an included ring nozzle, it can help keep your home's water temperature hot and fresh. The shut off Valve ensures that your plants get obtaining their potty rest, this is a remote-only model of nelson's Sprinkler valve. The Valve is an 5917 shut off on hose Sprinkler valve, it is a model that is used with a water control line that connects to the Sprinkler system. The remote model allows the user to access the unit directly, without having to go through the system'signe.