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Rain Jet Sprinklers

This is a beautiful Rain Jet sprinkler system with a large quarter circle area and 15 radius, it fastens to a wall with a nos fastening. The can be stored in a timely manner while the system remains fastened to the wall.

Rainjet Sprinkler Parts

This is an 1965 vintage Rain Jet sprinkler size 835 c full circle brass mid century sprinkler part, it is in excellent condition with no flaws. It is fabricated from brass and extends a full circle logo, it is also black plastic handle. This part is original and in original condition, it is send a call to front this part store today! This is an 1965 Rain Jet sprinkler valve. It is a complete mid century design and renders a two-sided grille, the brass finish with green and red sprinkler armrest is design. It is housing a Rain Jet sprinkler with a red and green "t" in the center of the handle, the Jet is black and blue and grants a green "t" on the front. The valve is closed by a knob, this sprinkler handle is unequaled for use at a Rain garden or the nos vintage Rain Jet sprinkler is a terrific surrogate for lovers who desire the beautiful pieces of architecture. This sprinkler is manufactured with a full-circle droplet design and it is available in an 75-foot length, it is uncomplicated to set and is sensational for systems with effortless water flow. This is 73 c large square 30 in no time at all, you can place it anywhere you want and it will take care of the water for you. With this sprinkler Jet system you will get fully latched and push-button valves to let you choose a first-rate level of water usage.