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Sprinkler Nipple Extractor

If you're searching for an effective and Nipple extractor, we've got you covered, this tool is designed to extract the blood from a nipples, without cutting or breaking it. So don't go any further, and you'll be able to enjoy your coffee or tea without any stress or worry.

Sprinkler Pipe Removal Tool

Remove the Sprinkler pipe from the system, cut the Sprinkler pipe off at the end that goes into the extractor. Take the Extractor and place it over the Sprinkler pipe, cut the end of the Extractor so it is a little more than the length of the Sprinkler pipe. Cut the Extractor so it is going into the system like so: 6, place the system back together and you're ready to go! The pro series underground Sprinkler Nipple Extractor is a must-have for any successful sprinkler! This Extractor allows you to remove any Nipple from an 12-in. Version of the sprinkler, and iatric engineers have used it to remove all other elements necessary to proper performance, the Extractor is manufactured of heavy-duty metals and plastic for and durability. This is a hands-on guide to Nipple extractor, this is a tool used to extract a Nipple from a Sprinkler head. The Extractor is designed to push the Nipple out of the head by it's tension, this pulls the Nipple out of the head and separates the head from the surrounding material. The head is then this Extractor is for the orbit Sprinkler system 12-inch model, it is fabricated of durable plastic and provides a black anodized aluminum alloy finish. It is able to extract the Nipple from an 26 inch plastic pipe.