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Sprinkler System Manifold

This is an 2-valve inline Manifold that is used in the orbit 57250 Sprinkler system, it is a practical addition to the System and is an excellent value.

6 Valve Sprinkler Manifold

This 6 valve Sprinkler Manifold is Sprinkler valve System that includes 2 valves, a Manifold assembly and a control unit, the Manifold is kept but the control unit was replaced. The Sprinkler valve System works with the orbit 57250 heavy duty Sprinkler pump, this is an 5 zone Sprinkler Manifold that is complete without the use of any valves. The Manifold is fabricated of heavy-duty materials and features an 2-valve System for superior quality and reliability, this product is sure to handle more water areas and require less maintenance. If you're using a Sprinkler valve assembly that includes a Sprinkler valve Manifold system, you need a new, Sprinkler valve assembly, the new, Sprinkler valve assembly is available in sets of two, four, or six pieces. It's a first-class substitute to keep your Sprinkler valve assembly functioning as it should while you maintain your garden property, this is a very good substitute for a Sprinkler Manifold on the occasion that using a lot of water. It is facile to read and can hold three 34 adapter pods, the poly adapter pod is easier to use, as it imparts a blue light and a warn indicator. The orbit adapter pod is the most versatile, being able to adopt both thepojo’s 3503 valve and the thang’s 5 ignorance.