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Toro Sprinkler Controller Ecx

The Toro automatic Sprinkler timer Ecx is an enticing addition to your with 3 x zone expansion module, you can add a new zone to the timer for even more simplicity, the timer effortless to handle and offers a real-timezone indicator to see when your plants are in zone 1 and 2.

Toro Sprinkler Controller Ecx Walmart

The Toro Ecx automatic Sprinkler Controller is an 4 zones Sprinkler control timer that can be used as a self-service or maintenance-free environment, the timer can be used to control up to 4 sprinklers at once, giving you a more complex system to manage. The Ecx automatic Sprinkler Controller is conjointly expandable to 8 zones, making it top-rated for a small home or office, this is a Toro 2-zone expansion module 53741 Ecx ecxtra greenkeeper Sprinkler timers. It is a part of the Toro Sprinkler Controller range and provides communication and timer, it is used to manage irrigation for a variety of crops. The Toro 53741 2-zone expansion module is a new Sprinkler Controller that supports 2-zone Sprinkler systems, it renders an easy-to-use interface and a test code tab on the front of the controller. The expansion module is available in black or red, this Toro Ecx 2-zone expansion module helps you operate up to two sprinklers at the same time. The module provides a bj ( ) input for the tropical upwelling system, and four ok ( overhead terminals ) inputs for the system, self-cleaning systems, and a self-powered system, the module also includes an on ( ) input for use the sprinklers in the home.