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Concrete Sprinkler Donut Mold

Our 4 inch hole Sprinkler head guard protector Donut Mold cement is a terrific protection for your Concrete Sprinkler head, this Mold is fantastic for any Donut shape, and is produced of Concrete cement and bryce Sprinkler guard mail.

Concrete Sprinkler Head Donuts

This is an 3 inch hole Concrete Sprinkler head guard, it is manufactured of Concrete and mortar and will last long with use. It is an unequaled surrogate for a protectant or head liner, this is an 6 inch hole Sprinkler Donut Concrete Mold that we are available to create any kind of protection for your sprinkler. We use the best technology and quality construction to ensure you is protected, our Concrete Sprinkler guard protection is sleek and modern, top-of-the-line for any home or office. Our Donut shape means it can be easily played with and cleaned, making it first-rate for all purposes, these Concrete donuts are best-in-class for Sprinkler heads who need a strong hold on the concrete. The donuts are 3 inches in hole and the ball holder is included, the protector is included too, but it's not needed since the Donut is placed on top of the concrete. This molds easily to the area, the guard is additionally helpful in keeping the Donut from coming out in the first place. This is an 5 inch hole Sprinkler guard protector Donut Concrete Mold that will protect your Sprinkler heads from damage, this Mold is produced to create donuts, and will also protect the front and back of the donut. It is likewise made to be used as a place to store water, and is further dishwasher and oven-safe.