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Craftsman Sprinkler

Are you a fan of Craftsman style architecture and properties? If so, you may be interested in this vintage Craftsman sprinkler, this Sprinkler is a practical addition to your community water garden. The Sprinkler extends a vintage Craftsman look and feel and can do the job of landscape water it is uncomplicated to set up and use, making it a beneficial choice for the busy lawn care professional.

Vintage Cast Iron Sears Craftsman Walking Tractor Sprinkler
VTG Rotating Sprinkler Impulse Lawn Garden Watering Pulsating Sears Craftsman

VTG Rotating Sprinkler Impulse Lawn

By Craftsman/Sears


Vintage Craftsman Sprinkler

This vintage Craftsman Sprinkler is a variation of the design with a different handle, it is from a lawnmower and imparts a webers in it. This is an unique Craftsman lawn sprinklers that utilizes metal wheels to move with the user while sprinkling water over the lawn, the sprinklers have a pulsating effect to create a turbo Sprinkler effect that keeps the lawn watered irrigation with a sense of action. You can place these sprinklers in any location on your property, or buy the original model and have them moveable to hit an object with too much water, this is a vintage nos sears Craftsman cast iron traveling Sprinkler never assembled this Sprinkler is from the early 70's and gives the original electric nozzle. It is currently in excellent condition with no issues, this is a vintage Craftsman water Sprinkler that is from the 1960-70 it is a pre-owned item and offers been used. The Sprinkler is manufactured of metal and presents a plastic cover, it is a little multipurpose water Sprinkler that is top-of-the-heap for a lawn or garden.