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Micro Sprinkler

This kit includes an 100 ft auto-drip irrigation system and a timer, it is unequaled for a small garden or home watering system.

Irrigation Adjustable Emitters Stake Water Dripper

Micro Bubbler Drip Sprinklers Irrigation

By Laritek Garden Store


100pcs Micro Garden Lawn Water Spray Misting Nozzle Sprinkler Irrigation

Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System

This mini Sprinkler irrigation system is best-in-the-class for small gardens and landscapes, it includes an 200 ft water delivery system that can irrigation your plants without any water waste. The system also includes a water hoses, so you can easily monitor the water level and water type, this Micro Sprinkler head is an outstanding system for your garden or home watering garden. It includes an 82 ft hose that is reconfigured to allow water to flow freely from the device into the ground, the system also includes a Sprinkler kit that is designed to keep your garden or home watering garden water free. The kit includes just the device, not the hose, the device is a small, compact, and straightforward to use. This is a top-of-the-line system for lovers who itch to prepare their garden or home watering garden for water usage, this 25 Micro Sprinkler system works top-of-the-line for watering plants in your 25 garden! The system includes a single ø1" ø2" Micro sprayer that can be placed almost anywhere in the garden. The ø1" ø2" Micro sprayer is manufactured from durable plastic and is uncomplicated to hold and use, the system includes a hydroponic kit that contains everything you need to create a watery garden. The kit includes a ø1" ø2" Micro sprayer, hose, and lip this Micro Sprinkler system is a beneficial addition to evey garden, the system can capacity to water your plants in up to 200 gallons per hour. Additionally, the adjustable drip system ensures even water flow throughout the system, this system is unrivalled for people who need access to the garden without having to leave the property.